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CMT Services


At Efrata Retailindo we provide CMT (cut, make, trim) services that are geared to support your designs. We possess the necessary skilled workforce and in-house production facilities required to create products of the highest levels of quality and durability. As such, our partners have included some of Indonesia’s most prominent designer brands from Peggy Hartanto to Danjiyo Hiyoji to Vivian Lee.


Working with a wide range of fabrics, we are well-prepared to cater to designs with the most intricate of components and any other specific requirements from our clients. Through our use of advanced machinery, we cut your choice of fabrics to exact measurements with our technicians also available to advise you on each individual piece to optimise the final result without hindering the design of your product.


Furthermore, we implement stringent quality control measures to check the final product for any inconsistencies and to correct any if they are found. This therefore enables us to share your vision and allows you to explore your brand’s creative freedom; creating collections that are truly original.

Our Clients include: