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Bateeq Home

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Bateeq Home

Bateeq Home offers a vast selection of handmade home décor products such as baskets, placemats, trays and décor. Working together with our local SMEs and home industry partners, our multifunctional products are available as belly baskets, tapered baskets, cushions, storage compartments, or as wall décor; among many others.


Our capacity to utilise natural fibres and materials found locally such as seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan wood allows for greater creativity in product design as we often incorporate batik art, animals and flowers motifs. Our products are not only stylish and functional, but are also representative of our commitment to utilising sustainable resources as well as developing and preserving local businesses, traditional craftsmanship and culture.


We believe that our inspiring creations allows for a more rich and textured look that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside the home. Our home décor products can be utilised as neutral elements in a room or as bold and exciting central features that will suit any interior design project.


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Rattan, Coconut Fibre, Natural Stone & Synthetic Materials